Bombay Mart Star Anise/Chakri Phool - 250gm

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Product Description

    • Fine with intense flavour, a must have for any indian kitchen and in making briyani, garam masala and masala chai
    • Store in cool and dry place and use zipper in sup pouch to keep fresh
    • Star anise has many names in different cuisines and flower in shape with intense aroma and flavor. Also known as Badiyan fool, Chakar phool, Chakri fool, Aniseed flower, Stone flower etc; Star Anise is must have for any Indian cooking method and is mostly used in preparing aromatic Briyani, sea food, Pulav and also main ingredients of garam masala powder, chai Masala or Chinese “5 spice”
    • It's shaped like a star, hence the name and it's color can range from orange to red. The fruits themselves have 6-10 carpels arranged in a whorl. Each of these carpels contains a seed within. This small flower-like fruit is also a storehouse of some key ingredients, which can help combat several illnesses apart from imparting flavour to dishes.



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